ZELUS Gymnastic Adjustable Strength Training

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DURABLE WITH ABS CONSTRUCTION, the rings are made of high-density ABS for ultimate durability and security (load capacity up to 1,760 lb.), the threaded rings ensure outstanding comfort while making sure there is zero slippage even when sweating
ADJUSTABLE FOR DIFFERENT NEEDS, the 2 rings are secured by premium polycarbonate nylon straps with adjustable buckles (adjustable up to 15 ft.), and the buckles come with teeth for improved load capacity as well as safety, fully accommodating different users and spaces
EASY TO INSTALL, specifically designed and manufactured so that all users can easily complete installation in less than 5 minutes, just hang around any solid piece of wood or steel, slide in the sling underneath the buckle, and find the appropriate strap length for you, then you are good to go!
IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH, as a total body workout, you can do tons of movement with our gymnastic rings including pull-ups, push-up, dips, rows, muscle ups, chest flies etc., improving flexibility, heals back problem, promotes digestion
PORTABLE FOR EXERCISE ON THE GO, perfect for CrossFit and strength training for men, women, and kids, hang it anywhere and start working out at the gym, the park, in your backyard or even when you are traveling for work!
Product Description

Made from strong polycarbonate nylon, this product is a convenient, portable attachment for your workout-creating an improved grip with max stability and reduced risk of skin irritation or tearing. This gymnastic ring is effective for a wide range of movements, from ring dips, push-ups and rows to high-intensity muscle-up progressions. The grips hold firmly to the premium gym ring for your safety.

Maximum Load: 2 x 880 lbs.
Material: ABS Plastic Rings & Strong Polycarbonate Nylon Straps.
Sizes: Rings: 9.1" on the outside diameter & 6.7" on the inside diameter.
Straps: 0.9" wide & 177.1" long.

Package List:2x Gymnastic Rings
2x Nylon Straps (w/ Metal Buckles)