RCstyle Parallel Intelligent Charging Accessories

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Compatible with the DJI Mavic Air Drone.Can charge 4 batteries at one time and 2 USB devices, ~60-70 minute charge time for 4 batteries and 2A usb output.
Plastic case is non-conductive to further improve safety. Each charge lead has its own cover lid for additional safety.
Best travel partner for your Mavic Air. High quality with inner cooling fan,plastic shell design (non-conductive),reduce the risk of the fire and short circuit.
Note: when connect the battery, the system need several seconds on automatic identification. Durable metarial: this charging hub is made of premium Environmentally friendly plastic case. The sturdy hard shell is fire-proof, heat-resistant and fast in heat dissipation.
Dual USB port can output 5V/2A power for Mavic Air remote control and smartphone charging, batteries are 13.2V at 2A for each channel.(DJI Mavic Air/ batteries & Smart Phones are not included)
Product Description
DJI Mavic Air 6 in 1 Intelligent Multi Battery Charger works as a professional battery charger for DJI Mavic Air flight batteries and remote controller. With multiple charging ports and 2 USB ports, this charging hub is able to charge 4 flight batteries, the remote controller and 2 USB-enabled devices at the same time. This charger features high output, reliable quality in construction and protection built in.

Input: 110V-240V
DC Output: 13.2V 8A (Branch: 13.05V 2A)
DC USB Output: 5V 4A (Branch: 5V 2A)
Operating Temperature: 0-40 Celsius degree
Compatible for : DJI Mavic Air Intelligent Flight Battery,Remote Controller,Mobile devices

Package Included:
1 x DJI Mavic Air Multi Battery Charger Hub