Pack Relaxory Activated Purifying Dehumididier

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SUPER ADSORPTION: Well developed nano bamboo charcoal, 500 times of micro pores volume than normal charcoal, bad odors could flow easily between charcoal beads' gap and efficiently absorb the smell.
BREAK DOWN HARMFUL INGREDIENTS: With special developed Photocatalytic ingredients, more efficiently in breaking down harmful ingredients like formaldehyde and benzene.
WORKS ANYWHERE: Laundry, gym bag, lockers, shoes, bathroom, car, luggage, pet cage, and any other places with odor or excess moisture.
ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Made with all natural components, fragrance- & allergen-free, you can even use it as fertilizer when you decide to dispose it.
REUSABLE: Our nano bamboo charcoal can last over a year and recharge effectiveness by simply placing it under direct sunlight for an hour.