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πŸ“– PERFECT FOR READING AT NIGHT - Whether you are reading in bed or using with a Music Stand. This bright LED Book light helps prevent eye strain or disturbing others. This Clip on Booklight Makes a Great Birthday & Christmas Gift or Stocking Filler.
πŸ“– EASY TO USE- Doubles as a bookmark. Use it right out of the box. Clip it on. Turn it on and you're ready to go. Attach to books of all shapes and sizes. Flexible neck allows you to adjust the reading angle to your liking.
πŸ“– ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT- At only 18 grams this weighs the equivalent to a tablespoon of sugar. Great for travel, camping or even as a mini torch. Fits right in your pocket. Take it with you anywhere you go.
πŸ“– GIFT OF THE YEAR. The Giftware Association chose this light as one of it's most the innovative and exciting gifts.
πŸ“– 100% 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ONLY WHEN YOU BUY DIRECT FROM GIFTS FOR BOOK LOVERS! - We guarantee this high quality premium product is the BEST on the market.
Product Description

Discover the Secret to a Perfect Night of Reading

"Anything that enables me to read at night and allow my grumpy husband to sleep undisturbed is a winner in my book." - Beth Jones, Satisfied Customer

We are confident you'll Love your Book Light! Here's why:

βœ” NO MORE STRAINING YOUR EYES - Can't get enough light? Clips right onto your book for stability. Evenly distributed lighting for maximum enjoyment. Your eyes will thank you for it.

βœ” HANDY BOOKMARK! - Don't lose your page again. Just slide it in after reading. Whether it's a hardback, paperback or any size book.

βœ” FLEXIBLE AND ADJUSTABLE - The super flexible design allows you to adjust the reading light to any angle. Get the right amount of light each and every time.

βœ” ULTRA PORTABLE - So lightweight, you can barely feel the difference. Just Pop it the Book Light in your Pocket or Bag wherever you go. You'll never know when it could come in handy.

βœ” READY TO USE - Comes with 2 easy to change CR2016 batteries housed in the back of the light just above the on off switch. Replacement batteries are inexpensive and available on Amazon.

βœ” 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Buy with confidence, if you aren't satisfied you'll get our Extended 90-day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

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