A4 Led Tracing Light Box Tracer Pad Bright Tablet Portable Thin USB Power Board for 5D Diamond Painting Drawing

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  • Ultra-Thin & Portable: Only 5mm A4 light box tracer for diamond painting is easy to hold, prevent eye fatigue,made your weeding much easier. It is bright enough to trace a drawing on raw cotton fabric or light colored shirts to make some dainty embroidery drawings.
  • Led Light Tablet Size: 13.18 x 9.17". Thickness: 0.14". Working Voltage: DC 5V. Power: 1.5W. A good value for painting with diamonds light pad.
  • USB Powered: The cord is long enough(2 meters) to manage. Easily powered on/off via USB cable by plug into any USB port like computer, power bank or USB Plug that connects directly into a wall outlet. (The adapter is not included)
  • Dimmable Brightness: Gradually brightens or dims, so you can find perfect amount of radiance, more brightness adjustment space than the ordinary version. Diamond art light board is great since different light is needed during different times of day. It can also remember the screen brightness next time you turn it on.
  • Customer Service: Every led tracing light pad send 2 clips,easy to fix the diamond painting. Professional Copy in 2D Animation, Cartoon, Calligraphy, Fabric Design, Photography, Film, Craft Projects Embossing, Scrap Booking, Tattoo Transferring, Architecture, Design & Drawing,Quilting, And even as X-ray viewer in Hospital.