Reading Bedside Minimalist Headboard Surface

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No disturbance: Narrow beam produces a lighting area on your books, you will not disturb your partner, warm white reading lights will allow you to always feel relaxed and comfortable.
Flexible reading light: 360 degree rotation angle gooseneck lights, easy to move to the desired lighting position and angle, as bedside lamp it can be easily moved to the desired position.
Easy to install: Drill two holes in the wall, then secure the stand firmly to the wall. There is a switch button on the control panel, no extra cables.
Good heat dissipation: We use an aluminum material as a heat sink, which can extend the life of the book light.
Vision Protection: Dedicated lens and LED provide bright focused illumination without glare and flashing.
Product Description

Enjoy bright warm white wall light in bed, on the sofa or at your desk. Ideal for working or just relaxing browsing.
Suitable for installation: headboard, wood, wall
Uses Area: Hallway, Bedroom, Study, etc.

- Materials: Full Metal
- LED Driver: AC110-240V 50/60HZ Input, DC12V Output
- CCT: 3000K Soft Warm White
- Lamp Cord: 70"
- Lamp Head: 2.4" (L) x 1.26 (D)
- Gooseneck Length: 11"
- Lamp Holder Base: 2.75" (D) x 1.18" (H)