acegoo Bedside Minimalist Dimmable Headboard

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FOCUSED ILLUMINATION - Narrow beam produces a footprint lighting area on your reading page to read by without lighting up whole bedroom, don't disturb your partner
DIRECTIONAL LIGHTING - The easy to position flexible goose neck point the light directly to reading material so as to suit different sit or lie posture in bed for comfortable reading
TOUCH DIMMER SWITCH - Simple touch lamp holder base switch to turn on or turn off light, touch and hold switch to adjust light to your preference reading brightness level
COMFORTABLE SOFT LIGHT - Warm light gives a cozy feeling. We normally use relaxing light in bedroom, it stimulates your eyes to relax more easily compared to cool white light
MINIMALIST DESIGN LAMP - Wall mount or headboard surface mount gives you a clean and neat surrounding. Connects lamp to adapter to start work. UL Listed adapter included
Product Description
A Ideal Bed Reading Lamp You Must Have!

Don't Disturb Sleep Mate
Narrow beam gives off enough light to read by without lighting up whole bedroom, no disturb your partner.

Dimmable Lighting
Adjust brightness to optimize lighting needs therefor create a comfortable ambiance for reading, reduced eye strain.

Best Light Source
3000K LED beam produces relaxing light in bedroom, sufficient light to read by and lamp stays cool all the time.

Easy To Position
Flexible gooseneck helps adjust lighting angle to suit different sit or lie down posture for comfortable reading in bed.

- Materials: Full Metal
- LED Driver: AC110-240V 50/60HZ Input, DC12V Output
- Built-in LED, 160 Lumen
- CCT: 3000K Soft Warm White
- CRI:≧85
- Lamp Cord: 79"
- LED Driver Cord: 50"
- Lamp Head: 2.4" (L) x 1.26 (D)
- Gooseneck Length: 16"
- Lamp Holder Base: 2.4" (D) x 0.63" (H)
- Touch Switch, On/Off/Dimmer
- Surface Mount: headboard, wooden board, wall surface

Packing List:
1x Gooseneck Light
1x UL Listed Adapter
1x Mounting Set
1x Instruction