Modern Floor Lamps That Turn Artificial Lighting into Art

Can’t figure out what to put in that empty corner in your living room or how to bring more light into your reading corner? Perhaps you’re also looking for a way to make your work area more comfortable. For every of these issues the solution can be a very simple one: add a floor lamp. There’s a lot of types and styles to choose from. Modern floor lamps are usually simple and sculptural. Arc floor lamps are a particularly interesting type but there are also many others to consider to take your pick at any of these designs.

You can find the Fujiya lamp in two sizes so you can be happy whether you want a modern floor lamp or one for your desk or table. The structure is made of solid black walnut or white oak complemented by a powder-coated steel shade available in a variety of different colors. The design is both simple and quirky.

In a modern living room with clean and simple lines, floor lamps such as the Elagone make natural additions. The slender design is both space-efficient and eye-catching, while also adding a sculptural touch to the decor of the space. The lamp has a natural oak shell wrapped around a warm LED light center.

This doesn’t look much like a lamp and that’s because the design is not meant to be suggestive but rather surprising. The lack of an actual lampshade lets the light fall freely, forming a cone of soft light that bathes the person sitting under, much like natural light would. Check Amura for more beautiful interior design products.

The glass body of the Oda lamps makes these accent pieces look lightweight, delicate, almost ephemeral. Both the floor and the table lamp versions are equally beautiful and striking. The lamps give out soft and pleasant light which is just what a bedroom or a cozy lounge space needs.

This is the Stem series, a collection of modern floor lamps with a slightly industrial look. Two versions of the lamp are available, one with a single sphere and one with two. The sphere shades come in two sizes and they are attached to a sturdy brass base.

Perfect for reading nooks and corners, the Revolve floor lamp looks best when accompanied by a comfortable chair. The stand that holds the shade is made of hand-brushed brass and has a sturdy, round base that mirrors the overhanging metal shade.

If looks are a bit more important than function and if you want a unique floor lamp able to stand out on its own and to even double as a piece of art or as a sculpture, designs such as that of the Small Spiral Column n°3 might be just what you’re looking for.

This is Inca, a floor lamp with an elegant design that puts together a cylindrical black shade and a two-section angular base made of steel. The two sections are stacked and they highlight the beautiful geometric nature of the design.