GET CREATIVE – Transform Your Home Using Crystal Lighting

Light fittings and lamps can make or break a rooms décor, so great consideration should be taken when selecting yours. They can complement and enhance a particular style, whilst also changing the mood when needed. Today we’ll be looking at stunning effects you can create with crystal chandeliers and lamps.

These table lamps spectacularly project a mirrored pattern of light, instantly transforming the plain backdrop behind them and setting the mood for a cosy or romantic night in. These lamps use standard LED bulbs.

The kitchen isn’t the first place you would think of when discussing decorative lighting, but here an impressive result is achieved from two crystal chandeliers. They are a little more conservative and the cube design reflects the clean lines of the room. This is a large kitchen diner so the light fittings break up the sizeable ceiling space. these lights use GU10 spotlights

As this is a multifunctional room, the lighting needs to reflect this. When used on their own the chandeliers create mood lighting for when entertaining or dining, as well as extra-brightness.

Plain ceilings can become a canvas for light. A crystal chandelier is a remarkable centerpiece that can bring a room to life. Different shapes, designs and styles will cast different arrangements across your room. The light below uses G9 spotlights, shop

This light fitting uses warm white bulbs to produce an inviting setting for a room where comfort is essential.  You can see the contrast between the crisp cool white bulbs above and the warm white below. See this article for more info on LED light colours

Crystal chandeliers and lamps come in many designs, with real crystal obviously costing much more than crystal effect. There are traditional and more contemporary styles to choose from, so you can find the right light to match the character of your home.